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Ep. 34 - Evee's 21st Birthday Bash & Chill n Grill

In this episode I am joined by Jaime, Hector and Hiram (live in house). We have multiple special guest as my sister Evee sits in as well as 1/2 of two different barbecue teams. Eddie from Chillin and Grillin and Phil from Dos Hermanos BBQ. We start the conversation with a birthday bash we just threw for my sister Evee's 21st bday. We cooked some brisket, ribs, rice, beans, potato salad and a table of desserts and snacks. Eddie and Phil share their perspectives of competition cooking being a veteran and rookie respectively. Phil tells us how he was inspired by Chillin and Grillin (as were we) to get into competitive cooking. Evee tells us what it's like turning 21 and the multiple days we celebrated. Eddie wants everyone to show some love to tortillas and chips when it comes to bbq. We discuss which are best and with what type of meat. Hiram talks about what people eat in LA and what to show up to a party with. Hiram hosts a game of royal rumple trivia where you stay in the game by answering right questions. We talk about the upcoming sausage month of October and which local sausages we should try or review. We also plan to have some local barbecue guys to make their own sausage. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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