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Ep. 33 - Michelada Showdown & Jaime Daddy

In this episode I am joined by the usual group of Jaime, Hector and Hiram. Although this time Hiram joins us live in the studio. We think of coming up with a better name for our garage pod studio. Jaime talks some UFC that we plan to check out the next day. He tells us about Nick Diaz's giant following. We also talk a little boxing and wrestling as the weekend is busy with all kinds of television events. Jaime has to shove the Dallas Cowboys into the conversation.

We also talk about some sliders that my brother Eric made earlier in the day and ask the question of why people would choose a slider over a burger. Jaime wants to know the history of sliders so we do a google search and find out who coined the term sliders. Meanwhile we have a brisket on the Pitmaker Safe. We use the Hector's Little wood method. We review some popular Michelada beers that are available locally on the shelves. I have the guys sample Modelo, Bud-light, and Sol Chelada beers. One of them doesn't make the cut white the other two are surprisingly decent. I then have the guys taste my championship recipe for comparison. We talk about our night out for my sister's 21st birthday at the Quarter and Hillbilly's . Let's say there were shots involved and more shots involved. These guys give a shoutout to the waitress and invite her to the podcast. Hiram reminisces about his Mr. Cali-Mari days where he used to review calamari in Los Angeles. Jaime also invites his Lyft driver to the podcast but she needs permission from her Jaime Daddy. Tune in to the next episode as we are going to be joined by Chillin n Grillin. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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