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Ep. 32 - Brisket Bowls & White Claw Party

In this episode I am joined by the usual group of Jaime, Hector and Hiram. We open it up by talking about the last episodes debate of beans or no beans in a bowl of chili. We had some very interesting responses on social media and way more engagement than we anticipated.

Hector and I talked about a pop up event that we catered with our friends at Snowbite. We get to take over a commercial kitchen and sell some brisket bowls with rice and our championship beans. Hector makes a live changing decision about wanting to open a restaurant. We were impressed as always with the Pitmaker Safe and how it knocked out 4 amazing briskets with very little wood. Hector talks about potentially getting cancelled. We bring back and oldie but goodie as Hiram and I bring back the What Are You Drinking podcast which is a spin off of our original podcast when the pandemic started. Hiram gives a review of seltzer drinks and plans to have a White Claw party in the near future. Hiram thinks that these drinks will help us maintain our bbq bodies. Hector shares the word on the street as he takes us back to an old story from 19 years ago that recently surfaced. Apparently this was the plane ride from Hell which was led by Rick Flair. Hear about the scandal he started back then that is haunting him today. He is pretty much cancelled. I ask the guys to share some avocado inspired dishes to try at our next cookoff. We talk some Chillin n Grillin and our plans to have then on the next podcast. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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