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Ep. 31- Chili...Beans or No Beans

In this episode I am joined by some unicorns we haven't seen in a minute, Johnny Deep and Isaac. Hector and Hiram also join the convo as usual as we tackle some of the Worlds biggest issues (maybe our World). We open it up by talking about he contest we've been promoting with Elda's Kitchen. We announce the 3 lucky winners who will each receive a 3 pack of Elda's Kitchen's top selling sauces.

Johnny gets personal and talks to us about the struggles of family and Covid-19. His son wanted hamburgers and Olive Garden. We talk about how Covid will affect upcoming barbecue competitions in Texas. We tackle the largest question of the night by posing the question about Texas Chili. Is Chili allowed to have beans or is it strictly no beans. We take the conversation to the internet and see what Texas barbecuers have to say about it. John shares his stories about competing in chili. I drop a history lesson on the guys on the birth of chili in Texas. Specifically I give them the history of the Chili Queens and how chili was first started in San Antonio in the 1800s. We move the conversation to Frito Pie and it's start in Texas as a high school football concession staple. We then talk a little football and our reactions to the opening weekends games. Deshawn Watson gets thrown under the bus and Tom Brady gets some praise. We all agree on our dislike of Aaron Rodgers. Hector sends everyone from Oklahoma to the Super Bowl. I give a review of a local Pizza joint, Stefanos Pizza. The guys talk about doing reviews on barbecue joints. Someone suggests sausage month. Johnny reminisces about his days at Rudy's BBQ as meat cutter and takes you behind the counter. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Elda's Kitchen

Ready Set BBQ Shop

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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