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Ep. 30 - The Queen Returns & Brisket Finger

In this episode I am joined by Hector, Jaime and Hiram from Los Angeles. We also welcome back the Queen of BBQ, Alma Vera. We start with out Joe review of the Jake Paul and whether we thought the fix was in. Things go off the rails when the gang predicts he will fight a donkey in his next fight. We talk about the next upcoming barbecues in the following months and which we predict we will compete in. There is still time to enter into the context with Elda's Kitchen. We are announcing 3 winners who will each win a 3 pack of Elda's Kitchen's top selling sauces. Just tag 3 people on our post.

Jaime gives a barbecue review on a local bbq restaurant called Ace's BBQ. He orders a barbecue botana for 4 people. The botana was a pizza box filled with chips and nacho cheese topped with 3 smoked meats. He also provides a review on another local restaurant where he went to have a chicken fried steak. I give Yuengling beer another try with their light beer offering since most of the team prefers the light stuff these days. We are still not blown away with our reviews. Hiram wants to know the best way to present brisket to someone who has not tried your brisket before. Hector's answer might surprise you. We also give a review of what we think of the snake method of lining up your charcoal in a barbecue pit. We play a game called was it a cookoff or tailgate as I present scenarios of stories and the team guesses if it was a cookoff or a tailgate. In honor of Hector's birthday we talk about what we remember from our 21st birthdays and reminisce about the first time we drank or got drunk. Hector takes over the red carpet as he tries to play matchmaker for Hiram and Kaley Cuoco. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Elda's Kitchen

Ready Set BBQ Shop

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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