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Ep. 29 - Microwave Brisket & Yuengling Beer Review

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

In this episode I am joined by Hector, Jaime and Hiram from Los Angeles. We start off by talking about the crate challenge that has gone viral on the internet. Jaime thinks he can beat the challenge with his cat like ninja skills. When then talk about the Nirvana baby that is now suing the band's estate for using his picture when he was a baby. Hiram shares a story from his modeling career and how he didn't see royalties from his picture being used on Yahoo.

We then talk about another YouTube video about cooking a brisket in a microwave. If you want to try this at home and shave 5 hours off your cooking time let us know how it goes. We decided it's not something we should try but then again we are crazy enough to do it. Hector says the best brisket he's ever had was cooked in 3 hours in an oven so Hiram considers it for his meal preps. I give a review on Yuengling beer as it is the new hype across Texas as it just hit the shelves. In fairness we decided to try some of the other offerings when we can get our hands on them.

We talk about story about a man in Houston that gets drunk at a restaurant, goes outside and then fights with another drunk man in the parking lot. He then gets beat up and sues the restaurant for over $5 million dollars and wins. Hector tells us that this is not the end and he won't see that amount. Hiram shares some stories from his bartending days and throwing drunk guys out. We talk about the upcoming Paul vs. Woodley fight and whether we believe if the fix is in. Some think it will be a real fight but we'll see when it happens. Hector finishes off by giving a fried chicken review from a new local eatery. A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Elda's Kitchen

Ready Set BBQ Shop

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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