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Ep. 25 Part 2: Cabo Vacation & Season 1 Conclusion

Episode 25 Part 1!! We've got a full house again as I'm joined by Johnny, Rudy, Jaime, and my brother Hiram virtually from LA . Hector is also back from his beach vacation. Let's see if we can make it through this extra long podcast recording. We start up with some Joe tips that some of the cooking teams shared for the average backyard cooker. We got some tips from the Buzzards BBQ team and from Chillin N Grillin. They talk about letting your meat come up to temp and knowing your bbq pit.

We then talk about some product reviews with such products like the PK Go, Ryobi potable fans, Chef Shamy Gourmet butter, and Kosmos Barbecue products. Also Jonny gives a shout out to Aaron Lesley with Texas Oil Dust products. Hiram takes you behind the red curtain as he talks about Bill Cosby’s release. We get Hector to weigh in with his legal opinion. We also talk about more news with a Dodger pitcher accused of beating his girl. Deshawn Watson makes his way back into the podcast. Hector gives us his word on the beach as he talks about his vacation in Cabo. He shares some good eats and recommends everyone eats at Tacos Gus. Hector has the best meal of his life. We end the reminiscing about guest we had in season 1 and possible guest for season 2. We have big things planned when we come back bigger and badder in season 2. Stay tuned! A bunch of Joe’s that cook like pros. Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg

Steak Cookoff Association

Ready Set BBQ Shop

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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