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Ep. 25 Part 1: BBQ Chicken & Steak Secrets Revealed

Episode 25 Part 1!! We've got a full house again as I'm joined by Johnny, Rudy, Jaime, and my brother Hiram virtually from LA . Hector is also back from his beach vacation. Let's see if we can make it through this extra long podcast recording. We talk about our weekends where most of us competing in the Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg. Hiram plans to go see some horse racing and dress to the nines. We continue with our headlines starting with my review of Wingstop's Thighstop menu. It all sounded good until we opened the packaging and found some tiny thighs. It might be pigeon meat. We also talk about Sir Richard Branson and his plans to go to "Space". We compare his planned fight to the upcoming flight from Jeff Bezos and what will Elon Musk do to top them.

We discuss the Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg and thank Ronnie for the sweet spot we got under some trees behind the 9th Green. Really helped out in the 100+ degree weather. We talk about the whole set up for the day and some onsite interviews we did with some of the cooking teams and Brett Gallaway from Steak Cookoff Association. Also my brother Eric joins the podcast for the first time. Jaime and I showed up for the night Easton Corbin concert at night. We talk about the Snake River Farms brisket that Alma (Queen of BBQ) cooked and how great it was. Johnny reveals all of the secrets behind the 4th place steak and 2nd place chicken out of 90 teams. He gives you the bbq pit, charcoal, seasonings, cooking temp. It's like you are cooking side by side with him. Aaron Lesley gets another mention in the podcast. ***Check out part two to hear the rest of the episode. Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg

Steak Cookoff Association

Ready Set BBQ Shop

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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