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Ep. 24: $40 Tacos & Free Britney

Episode 24!! We've got a full house again as I'm joined by Johnny, Rudy, Jaime, and my brother Hiram virtually from LA, who is also with our friend Erica . Hiram shares some stories about Erica and Jaime in High School. We question whether Jaime was a bully back then and would have been cancelled today. We talk about the disappointing loss by the Texas Longhorns baseball team and how Longhorn sports keeps letting us down. Meat prices are through the roof and we throw around some example like steak costing $20 per pound. We learn that LA has it worse as Hiram and Erica share some $40 tacos (10 mini street tacos that is). Wing Stop is rolling out a new limited time menu called Thigh Stop due to wing shortages. We talk about our plans for the season finale (Episode 25) and possibly doing some live interviews at the Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg. We plan to go bonus time for the season finale and maybe bring back some popular guest that we've had on in Season 1.

Hiram takes us behind the red curtain as he has his first encounter with one of the Kardashian. The guys start to unnecessarily rank the Kardashian girls as Johnny and Jaime railroad Hiram's segment. Hiram starts the ball rolling by talking about Kaitlyn Jenner running for Governor of California. Hector has a soap box moment as he discusses the turmoil with Britney Spears and her Father. He come at him with his full legal acumen and scoffs at California laws and the State as a whole. We can't help but back up this freedom fighting rant and that after 20 plus years she is still being overly controlled. Free Britney!! Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg

Steak Cookoff Association

Ready Set BBQ Shop

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

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