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Ep. 21: Celebrity Fights & Backyard BBQ

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

In this episode Jaime, Hector and I are joined once again by Hiram in LA. We talk a little NBA updates and the upcoming Mayweather vs. Paul "Fight". Is it a fight or a money grab. Maybe a little bit of both. We talk about my recent cookoff where I ride shotgun for the Queen of BBQ and battling the erratic Texas weather. We also talk about the upcoming High Steaks cookoff on 4th of July in Edinburg, Texas. Hiram gets some new into music for his segment, Behind the Red Curtain. He tells us about the new on again off again relationship of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. We debate who would win in a fight between Affleck and A-Rod. He also tells us about celebrities getting run over by annoying scooters in LA. We discuss Tom Cruises leading ladies. I share a story of Van Damme when he was shooting Street Fighter the movie. Hector gets some new theme music for his Word on the Street segment where he shares his experience on his recent trip to Washington D.C. He talks about some of the good eats that he enjoyed as well as some questionable service he got (or he thought). We kinda railroad his whole segment. We take a quiz about how Texas we really are and talk about eating a Boomstick.

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