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Ep. 20: Chillin N Grillin Pro Tips

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

In this episode Hector, Jaime, Hiram (Live) and myself are joined by non other than our favorite bbq team Chillin N Grillin (Mario and Eddie). Warning...this episode contains lots of barbecue talk and tips to up your game. We talk about cooking in IBCA for most of our professional barbecue careers and our experiences competing in the new Champions Barbecue Alliance (CBA) cookoff sanctioning body. The guys compare their experience with Hector as they competed head to head in their first CBA cookoff. One had a better outing than the other but end results tipped another way. Mario almost calls it quits after a year hiatus due to weather. Has he gone soft? Hector decides to keep his trailer as Mario regrets getting rid of his. Hiram reads us some top tips from celebrity chefs and we talk if they are good tips, ok tips, or bad tips. Dirty grills, lighter fluid, injecting meats, etc. Hector has a man crush on Bobby Flay. We let the guys answer a Ready Set Q (high tech or low tech bbq). Hector bashes pellet grills and the crew that they claim. We continue to crush on the Pitmaker line of barbecue pits. Everyone chooses their best walk up music if they get as call at a cook off. Mario tells us how to stop Tom Brady and Eddie crushes on the Tampa Bay Bucs. Jaime keeps talking about racing. We discuss our top 5 barbecue team (Mount Rushmore if you will) of Valley barbecue since we started cooking. We talk about our opinions of barbecue classes and how it's affected the barbecue competition layout.

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