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Ep. 19: Snowbite & Nalgona Bobas

In this episode Hector, Jaime, Hiram (Live) and myself are joined by Connie, owner of Snowbite restaurant in South Texas. Hiram is down from LA on this one and joins live. We talk about the feast we had at Snowbite before we started recording. Hector orders a 3 meat rice bowl as he has many times in the past. Hector also finishes his meal with a Dalgona (Nalgona) Boba tea with black balls. What exactly is a Boba tea? Hector almost quits golf. Connie shares her experiences cooking with us on occasion at local cook offs. We discuss the changing taste buds of people in the Rio Grande Valley. Connie has orders of all kinds of Asian foods that are not on the menu. People don't know how to pronounce Pho. We talk about reviews about restaurants and some that don't make any sense. Connie share her first experience moving from California to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. Connie shares some hidden gems to eat at in California. We talk about our favorite places to eat tacos in the RGV. Hector and Connie share places to eat in Las Vegas. Connie encourages people to be a little nicer on reviews for all small businesses. We talk about Brisket ice cream at an eatery in Houston. We get to taste some awesome Kobe beef jerky from Momma Tazzy's Jerky Chips.


Ready Set BBQ Shop

Law Office of Hector Hernandez

Momma Tazzy's Jerky Chips

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