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Ep. 18: Dad Bods & Winning

In this episode we get the band back together as the original cooking team of Johnny, Hector and I are joined by Jaime. We give you an extra dose of barbecue talk as Hector comes out of retirement to cook in his first ever Champions Barbecue Alliance (CBA) cook off. He battle torrential rains and winds but when the dust and mud settle he pulled off a 2nd place chicken and Top 10 overall. We give made props to Pitmaker pits and how they fair in the stormy weather. He also shares his thoughts about the attire cooks in the Rio Grande Valley wear. If you are a fan of dad bods you have to hear this episode. He and Johnny share their thoughts on CBA, both having cooked back to back weekends in the new sanctioning body. Hector still wants to cook more IBCA cookoffs but likes the new scoring system of CBA. We again talk about Aaron Lesley from Texas Oil Dust and see if we can get him on the pod someday. I share some insight into the first ever barbecue cookoff held in Hawaii in 1959. We submit our own recipes if we were competing in this cookoff. Jaime loses the team when he starts to talk about racing or something. Hector's Word on the Street this week involves Tim Tebow's comeback. I take a shot at Cowboy's quarterbacks. We talk a little Charlie Sheen and Tommy Lee and compare their lives., Johnny relives his BBQ tears at his last cookoff.

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