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Ep. 17: Broken faces & BBQ tears

In this episode Jaime and I are joined by Hiram (virtually). Hector takes a hiatus and goes MIA. Jaime leads us off in a discussion about the weekends fight with Canelo vs. Saunders. No empathy for Saunders from these guys as he fails to fall on his sword and doesn't answer the bell. Not like the RSB Army's favorite movie Rocky. Cowboys stadium proudly breaks an indoor record for boxing attendance during a pandemic. We talk about one of our team members first Championship Barbecue Alliance cook offs. It started as a good outing before things go very poorly for him. I go over the new rules. Those we knew and some we learned the hard way. Watch your times boys and girls. We got to hang out with Aaron Lesley from Texas Oil Dust. We talk about our excitement for the return of Texas Cook'em: High Steaks Cook Off. Hiram has some breaking Hollywood news about a new tv show coming soon to Hulu. We talk about franchises in LA vs the RGV. Hiram shares his steak cooking secrets. We share what we would buy with a $100 million dollars. Jaime sends out a challenge to either of the Paul brothers.

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