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Ep: 16 - Best Sports Movies & Return of BBQ

Updated: May 10, 2021

In this episode Jaime, Hector and I are once again joined by Hiram (in LA). Fresh off the first round of the NFL drafts we talk about our winners and losers and how well our teams did. Hector wants us to go to Chicago to see the Bears. We surveys our Joe Army fans to ask them to name their top 3 favorite sports movies. We discuss the top 5 voted by our fans and which movies were too high and which were not high enough. The Jerry Maguire kid gets an Oscar nod from us. Hector feels Not Another Teen Movie should have gotten some votes. We talk about the barbecue world getting back to cook offs and one of our own competing this coming weekend. Hector is on week 3 of his fire sale, wanting to sell all his barbecue gear. I once again visit some local barbecue food trucks and have some brisket Mexican street corn and a Birria Quesadilla. Hiram gives us an update on Hollywood shows coming soon. Hector talks about his favorite singer Marylin Manson. We talk about Hector's shot putting days again and think about making some Ready Set BBQ playing cards. We take a break from Deshaun Watson to talk about Aaron Rodgers. Elon Musk makes it into the conversation once again.

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