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Ep. 15: Capt. Mike & Hamburger toppings

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

In this episode Jaime, Hector, Hiram and I are joined by Captain Mike Barrera and Jonny aka Manitas de Gato. Jaime gives his expertly UFC breakdown and shocking knockouts. We all talk about what 4 toppings we prefer to make the perfect burger. (Well most of us stick to the rules.) We tell you what goes into a Mexican Hamburger is. Hiram gives us his Oscar recap live from Los Angeles. We take a left turn and class it up by discussing the Razzies and some of the worst movie winners over the last 20 years. Johnny shows up with a bag of sausage. We ask Capt. Mike about Smokin on the Rio and the let down of this years cancellation. Capt. Mike cooks us a king's feast of fried shrimp and tells us about his fishing charter Old Salt Charters. Mike drops some cooking knowledge. Hector gets mad that Johnny is the official taste tester of Mike's food and tries to convince him to cook him some Paella. Hector also thinks about quitting barbecue and law for the second week in a row. They guys reminisce about their high school football days. Hector laments that he couldn't be a pro wrestler in high school.

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