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Ep. 14: Jake Paul & Cheap BBQ Guest

In this episode Jaime, Hector and I are joined by Hiram (Virtually from LA). We give a quick recap on the Triller Fight night with Jake Paul as, Ben Askren. Spoiler: the best part of the night was Snoop Dogg. I talk about my 2 weekend tour trying local food trucks and their barbecue offerings. Aliens invade Edinburg at last weeks UFO Festival and I recall an encounter myself. Hiram talks about the LA food truck scene and wet burritos make their way back into the conversation. We play a Family Feud style game answering "What do cheap people bring to a barbecue. We bring back our Joe Tips segment and talk barbecue injuries when barbecuing. Hiram talks about a camping fail in Oklahoma., Hector critiques himself on a brisket he made while practicing for Smokin on the Rio. He and I share a story from our first Smokin on the Rio. We ask Hiram how he can train barbecue guys to be in better shape. Hector provides some law insight on the Aaron Donald recent scandal.

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