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Ep. 13: WrestleMania & Fancy Dining

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Lucky 13!! In this episode Hector, Jaime, and myself are joined by Hiram (Virtually from LA). We talk about WrestleMania and our Mount Rushmores of wrestlers of all time. We also talk about some characters that would be cancelled if they were around today. "Word on the Street", Hector talks about his love affair with New York and shares his experience in his week long trip in Chicago. He talks about some of the restaurants he visited and tells us what Steak (Beef) Tartare is. He also makes a friend at a restaurant in Chicago. He had a deep dish pizza with some sausage that is still leaving him wanting more. We talk about updates on the Deshaun Watson situation. Hector can no longer provide legal advice at this point. I talk about my experience cooking with the Queen of Barbecue at our first cookoff in forever. I was a little surprised and disappointed in one of the results. We talk about an article of the strangest orders shared by Subway employees.

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