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Ep. 12: Queen of BBQ & Bowl of BBQ

In this episode Jaime, Hiram and I are joined by special guest Alma, The Queen of BBQ. Hiram joins us from his weekend trip to Newport, California. We talk about the beginning of our competition barbecue career and plans for a cook off in the coming weekend. Hiram gets an interesting question from a customer at the bar. He also talks about restaurants and other services moving to a la cart services. Alma talks about her Worldly travels and plans to visit Ireland and Amsterdam. Do other countries know what barbecue is? Alma talks about how she came up with the Queen of BBQ name and how she has continued to cook competition barbecue during Covid. She also talks about a recent mishap while cooking a catering gig. We talk about what people in South Texas eat during Easter and how it differs from the rest of the country. I try a traditional Mexican dessert for the first time. Hiram gets some insight from Alma into why Loaded Ribs are called loaded ribs. Jaime tells us about reaching into a bowl of barbecue.

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