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Ep. 114 - HurriQuake & 3am Tomahawk Steaks

Welcome back to the Ready Set BBQ podcast, your go-to destination for the latest and most exciting happenings around the world! In this episode, we talk about hurriquake, Taylor Swift Superbowl, tomahawk steaks, beef ribs, and tailgates.

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We are back to the skeleton crew with as Jaime and Hiram join me to discuss some of the latest headlines. Hiram is giving us updates from Hurriquake 2023 in California. If you haven't heard that's a hurricane and earthquake at the same time. Jaime hates California as he takes a shot that is still waiting to land. Taylor Swift gets invited to sing at the Super Bowl halftime show and she declines in the best way possible. Jaime doesn't agree as always cause he thinks the NFL is bigger than the NFL. I happen to come across the Beanie Baby movie and give a short review. The guys talk about the Johnny Football documentary on Netflix.

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BBQ Time - Hiram keeps the cold sear trend going as he cold sears a Tomahawk steak that one of his buddies just happened to have in the fridge. He adds a little twist to the cooking because of the size of the steak. I give another Tik Tok tip that I find about searing your steak at the end. The guys want to know if it is more important to have grill grates or a nice crust on a steak. We talk about HEB barbecue once again as we get a thumbs up from one of our Joes that goes and tries out a beef rib.


Hiram tells us about a visit to Marina del Rey where he has some Gucci sushi and gets started way too early in the day. We give a little shout out to my Dad as we remember his birthday today and the reason why we started barbecuing in the first place. It could be in his backyard or at Texas Longhorn tailgates. My dad comes up with a way to cook a chicken in an innovative way before there were Tik Tok videos.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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