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Ep. 113 - Sweet Alabama Fights & Summer Blockbusters

Welcome back to the Ready Set BBQ podcast, your go-to destination for the latest and most exciting happenings around the world! In this episode, we talk about Alabama fights, Lizzo, fried chicken sandwiches, buffets, and summer blockbusters.

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We are back to the skeleton crew with as Jaime and Hiram join me to discuss some of the latest headlines. We start by talking about a potential collaborator in Liquid Death water. We then discuss the Alabama boat dock brawl. Lizzo is getting cancelled for body shaming her dancers amongst other things. Jaime wants you to watch the Johnny Football Netflix documentary. We tell Jaime not to take drugs from a stranger and even better don't do drugs at all. We talk about Phil Michelson's crazy gambling career. Hiram talks about the boxing fights coming up the rest of the year.

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BBQ Time - I visit the sister restaurant of Teddy's Barbecue, Jolene's. I didn't order barbecue but instead ordered the fried chicken sandwich as an ode the Chicken Wars in Season 1. I will definitely stamp this one the crunchy juicy as Hector would say. They also have some fried spare ribs that we've talked about but never tried. Maybe next time. Jaime would like to make a trip out there to try the chicken fried steak. My cousin cooks us up some Loco Mocos. Jaime disrespects the whole Nation of Hawaii by describing it as meh. He also cooked up some Pikana steaks which came out great. We talk about all you can eat restaurants and what are the best buffet options when it comes to food.


Behind the Red Carpet. It's the end of the Summer so we talk summer blockbusters we've seen and even more that we haven't seen. I run through the top 12 earning summer blockbusters of Summer 2023. Have you ever wanted to hear takes from movies the critics haven't seen well then you've come to the right place. Hiram shares his love for Tom Cruise but he's not Jaime's favorite. We give an animated Spider-Man movie some love but don't think they can do a live action version of this one. Barbie crosses the Billion dollar threshold in a very short amount of time. Jaime thinks Chris Pratt is so hot right now.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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