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Ep. 111 - Open Fire Cooking & Tip Rage

Welcome back to the Ready Set BBQ podcast, your go-to destination for the latest and most exciting happenings around the world! In this episode, we bring you a diverse range of topics, from music and sports to heartwarming stories and quirky contests.

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Join us for an action-packed episode as Jaime, Hiram, and I talk about some headlines. We talk about our little beach vacation and Hiram keeps it going with a boating weekend. Miranda Lambert doesn't want you to take selfies at her concert. We have a double fight night as we watch the Spence vs Crawford match followed by some UFC PPV. Willie the Goat is still missing in Raymondville as the reward has gone up to $5,000 in prize money. Subways is asking one lucky winner to change their name to Subway to win free subway for life.

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BBQ Time - I talk about some open fire cooking as we take the bbq on the road. I give some joe tips on how to cook over open fire when you don't have a pit with a lid or the modern amenities. A new video on TikTok says you shouldn't season your steak but instead season the cutting board and mix in the steak once it's done. We try another viral TikTok food as I make some Italian chopped sandwiches.


We talk about tip rage going around the country. According to studies 66% of Americans are tired of tip rage with all the new businesses charging tips. We go through the different industries and what the appropriate amount of tip you should leave.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

Melissa Bankard Famer's Insuracne

Melissa Bankard - Farmers Insurance Agent in Richardson, TX

Insurance Made by You

Insurance Made by You

Steak Cookoff Association

Steak Cookoff Association - Home (

Palmer Drug Abuse Program - McAllen

Palmer Drug Abuse Program (

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