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Ep. 110 - 20 Slices of Cheese & Steaks

Join us for an exciting episode as we talk about the RSB Cruise, Tom and Kim, American Royal, viral foods, Chicken Fried Brisket, Kevin Costner and Britney Spears

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This one is pretty rough in the beginning. If you want to go directly to the bbq talk forward to minute 20:00.

Join us for an action-packed episode as Jaime, Hiram, and I welcome our guest Mary to talk about some headlines. The RSB Podcast cruise is gaining traction as some of our fans say they will join. Mary doesn't care what Tom Brady and Kim Kardasian do with their lives as she got her own to worry about. Briney Spears wants an apology from the Spurs. I ask the crew if they would try the 20 slice cheeseburger from Burger King. Kostner settles his divorce for $150K.

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BBQ Time - I go back to one of our favorite places in the Rio Grande Valley, GW BBQ and try some chicken fried brisket. I get a glimpse of the dino rib that they sell on Saturdays. I have a not so great experience at Longhorn Steakhouse where I get served a hockey puck instead of a steak. Hiram gives the cold sear steak method a try once again and just like before it's a winner. It's official we are going to the American Royal BBQ in Kansas City.


Hiram takes us behind the red carpet as we talk Johah Hill in the news being gaslighted by his ex-girlfriend for being too controlling. Hiram thinks this will affect his acting career. Jaime doesn't share the same views.


Hiram plans to come down to visit as we prepare for our Island getaway. He'll be in the studio in person next week ya'll

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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