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Ep. 11: Tesla, Space X & Chicken Finals

In this episode Hector, Jaime and I are joined by Nick who was visiting from Austin. We start out by choosing our Chicken Sandwich Champion from the March Madness Chicken Wars. We decide who is crowned the champ between Popeyes and KFC. Hector and I preview plans to make our own ultimate chicken sandwich with influence from Jess Pryles. We also talk about the new giga factory "Giga Texas" that Elon Musk is building in Austin. We ask the question of how a Cyber Truck would fair at a barbecue cook off. Down the road we also have another Elon project, Space X and the future Star Base. They guys give their pitch to move to Austin or the Rio Grande Valley and what kind of barbecue you can expect to eat in each region. We talk about the drop in quality of barbecue restaurants in Lockhart. We answer a question from the Ready Set Q's bank. Hector shares his plans for his eating tour of Chicago and distrust of Guy Fieri's reviews.

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