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Ep. 109 - Slot Dogs, Cancun Boys & RSB Cruise

Join us for an exciting episode as we talk about Cancun, American Royal, Lava Steaks, Slot dogs, 4th of July bbq and Britney Spears.

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Join us for an action-packed episode as Jaime, Hiram, and I talk about Cancun boys as many of the guest on the Ready Set BBQ podcast are currently at Cancun or traveling there soon. We talk about putting together an RSB cruise and what that would look like. Wimby makes his debut for the Spurs, is he the future of the NBA? Costner's wife says $50K per month is crumbs and needs much more. I ask the guys about a million dollar wager on if they play in an NFL game or NBA game.

10:00 mins

BBQ Time - Talks about the American Royal are on as we talk logistics and possibly competing in the World Championship of BBQ. I share a video with the guys of someone cooking a steak with lava and I want to know why so many creative and unnecessary ways to cook steaks. We talk about what we ate for the 4th of July. I talk about a video I saw with slot dogs, something I have not tried but looks pretty interesting.


Hiram takes us behind the red carpet as we talk about a scuffle between Britney Spears and Wimby. Hiram tells us about the restaurant where the incident happened. We have some question on how she got close to him in the first place and if the security guard was out of line for swiping her and away causing her to hit herself on her face.


Hiram talks about a potential guest he may have for next week that wants to possibly talk about her enhancements.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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