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Ep. 107 - High Steaks Cooking with Brett & Ronnie

Join us for an exciting episode as we delve into the art of steak cooking with Brett Gallaway. In addition, we discuss the highly anticipated Elon vs Mark fight, share thrilling highlights from the exclusive Jack Daniels event, and take you behind the scenes at the Texas Cook'em High Steaks Cookoff in Edinburg.

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Join us for an action-packed episode as Jaime, Johnny, Hiram, and I host special guests Ronnie and Brett Galloway, the esteemed President of the Steak Cookoff Association. In this engaging discussion, we delve into captivating current events and thrilling headlines. Explore the buzz surrounding the much-anticipated clash of titans: Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg. Who will emerge victorious? Our hosts share their insights and predictions, igniting a fiery debate. Next, we delve into the extravagant world of LeBron James, who contemplates demolishing his $37 million mansion to make way for an even grander abode. The jaw-dropping news doesn't stop there – brace yourself for the riveting account of the Titan submersible's recent plunge on a fateful expedition to the Titanic.

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Discover the sizzling world of barbecue with Ronnie, the Super Promoter of the renowned Texas Cook'em High Steaks cookoff in Edinburg! Join us for an exclusive episode as Ronnie takes us on a thrilling journey through the vibrant festivities happening this weekend. From the exciting setup to the highly anticipated Aaron Watson concert on Friday night, we leave no stone unturned. Stay tuned as Brett shares insights into the HEB Steak selection process and unveils fascinating details about the SCA portion of this epic event. Ronnie will then guide us through an action-packed day, featuring a multitude of engaging activities, live bands, tantalizing food vendors, and even some electrifying boxing matches. To top it all off, prepare to be awestruck by a mesmerizing fireworks display over the breathtaking Ebony Golf Course.


Brett takes us on a captivating journey through his latest event at the renowned Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of flavors as Brett unveils his upcoming grilling cookbook, meticulously crafted over several years. Stay tuned for the inside scoop on his highly anticipated release. But that's not all! Discover Brett's unwavering passion for BBQ as he introduces his third sensational barbecue rub, paying homage to his beloved furry friends, Walen and Willie. And the excitement doesn't end there - Brett's creative energy extends to the world of children's literature as he delves into the enchanting realm of storytelling with his captivating new children's book.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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