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Ep. 106 - American Royal and Magic Steaks

Welcome to today's podcast we talk the Flash, Movies, Jordan, Magic Steaks, American Royal and more. Let's dive right in!

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Jaime and I are joined by Hiram in LA. We go check out the Flash movie to get a break from rhe 110 degree summer Texas weather. Jaime gives us his professional movie grade. We then talk about Jordan selling his NBA team and whether he was a successful NBA Owner. The new Mission Impossible movie is coming out this summer and hopefully Tom can redeem himself from his last impossible Mission of getting Shakira.

12.00 mins

Barbecue talk.. we ask if Father's Day is about the dads cooking barbecue for themselves and their families. Hiram does some cooking of his own as he cooks up a feast for his friends. He also goes out on the town and tells us about his Steak/Magic Show dinner. We are all new fans of the fillet cut of meat but still like a good ribeye once in a while. We get invited to the American 'Royal World Barbecue championship and have to explain to Hiram what that is. We talk about the upcoming Texas Cook'em High Steaks in Edinburg and hope that this is the year we can finally get our Golden Ticket.

20:00 minute mark

Hiram tells us about his no alcohol and no sugar diet. Jaime doesn't think that he will last his goal of 30 days. We ponder how this will affect Hiram and ask him to report after the 30 days. We then tell some stories about getting lost at hotels.

30:00 mins

The movie talk continues as we talk summer blockbusters and Vin Diesel beefing with his costars once again. I ask the guys if it is ok to go the movies by yourself. The guys talk about their favorite movie snacks.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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