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Ep. 104- No Flame, No Fame with Chillin N Grillin

Welcome to today's podcast with our special guest Chillin N Grillin where we talk NBA Playoffs, Shakira, Tik Tok Foods, High School Barbecue, Cook outs vs Barbecue and Memorial Day eats. Let's dive right in!

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We have a full group as I am joined by Eddie and Mario from Chillin N Grillin, Jaime, and Evee. We start by talking about the crazy NBA playoffs and the matchup between the Heat and Celtics. We then weigh in on who won the breakup between Shakira and her Ex (who Jaime thinks is hot). We then get into some of the weird Tik Tok foods and drinks that we've been seeing. We may have to try some of these new ones. The talk turns into how we celebrated our 21st birthday's as we celebrate Eddie Jr. turning the big 21.

10.00 mins

Mario breaks down the High School barbecue scene and what we could be seeing in the near future as high schools create teams to compete against each other in the high school circuit. He recently mentored a group of kids from Nikki Rowe that won Grand Champs on their first cookoff. I suggest that the FFA students build the pits that they will compete on. He talks about the logistics and how they will raise money for these events as well as joining the State circuit in Texas. Our friends at 7 Day Addiction even made them some team shirts. Our friends at Palmer Drug Abuse in McAllen are having a fundraiser and Alma and I volunteered our time and equipment to lend a hand.

35:00 minute mark

It's Memorial Weekend and we celebrate Jaime's Birthday. Evee is upset that there are no boiled hotdogs on the menu. We talk about what we are cooking and not cooking this weekend. I ask the guys what's the difference between a Cookout and a Barbecue. Some of us think a cookout is at a location like a ranch or park. Chillin N Grillin says they don't cook with gas or propane. They say without no flame there ain't no fame. We talk about the 5 tips that Keyshawn Johnson has for the summer barbecue. We threw some ribeye's and filets on the grill and it did not disappoint. We talk about the upcoming Cook'em High Steaks Cookoff in Edinburg. Jaime and I start our first practice of the year.

Finally, in the last segment of our podcast, we talked about some of the upcoming cookoffs and events that are coming up between our competition teams. There's even a cookoff scheduled for a Monday.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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