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Ep. 103- Steaks, Ghost Kitchens and Getting Zombied

Welcome to today's podcast where we will be discussing a variety of topics ranging from Steaks, getting zombied, High School Barbecue and ghost kitchens. Let's dive right in!

0 mins

I am joined by Jaime and Hiram in LA. We start off by talking about the NBA playoffs and the 2 favorite teams Lakers and Celtics are both on the brink of getting swept. We don't think there will be high ratings for a Denver vs. Miami matchup. Jaime ask if we are excited for the Spurs winning the draft lottery and landing one of the top prospects of all time. Jaime tells us how Yeo Ming was grown in a China lab. Huh? We get a little into the Haney vs. Loma fight and how we thought there was some highway robbery that took place. I ask the guys if they know what the term Zombied means and Jaime gives us a long and confusing explanation.

15.00 mins

We talk about the upcoming Cook'em High Steaks Cookoff in Edinburg. Jaime and I start our first practice of the year. We also celebrated my brother Eric's bday and fired up the PK Grill. I have a conspiracy theory about HEB meat labeling. We threw some ribeye's and filets on the grill and it did not disappoint. We talk about the best cuts of meat at a steakhouse and what sides we are ordering with it. Hiram doesn't know why people still eat corn and says he never touches it. So Jaime asks him where it touched him. Hiram takes a Hungry Man blast to the past. I talk about HEB having some of the best local barbecue around. Hiram tells us about the next big thing in Los Angeles called Ghost Kitchens. We think about having a pop-up steak night so that family and friends can have a steak dinner. Our friends at Palmer Drug Abuse in McAllen are having a fundraiser and Alma and I volunteered our time and equipment to lend a hand. We finally have some Winners from our T-shirt giveaway.

30 minute mark

Some people are talking about adding competitive barbecue as a high school competition against other high schools. Jaime takes some shots at Eddie. I think they should go a step further and build the pits they are going to be competing on. Hiram doesn't think it would hit that big.

Finally, in the last segment of our podcast, we talked about plans for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. We ask Hiram if he has any fancy plans on a boat or beach or both. It's Jaime's bday weekend but we'll probably just make some more steaks again.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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