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Ep. 102- Street Tacos and Virtual Girlfriend

Welcome to today's podcast where we will be discussing a variety of topics ranging from Mexican Street Tacos, Tom Cruise, Virtual Girlfriends and Writers strike. Let's dive right in!

0 mins

I am joined by Jaime and Hiram in LA. We compare Aaron Rodger to the salty ex-girlfriend that is having the time of her life after her most recent breakup. He's living it up in New York doing all the things he refuses to do in Green Bay. Tom Cruise shoots his shot with Skakira and his Top Gun jet goes down in flames. Jackson Mahomes continues to embarrass his family with his stupid acts and the guys discuss if you can control your siblings. A vegan neighbor complains about his neighbor barbecuing to the point that it was making him sick to smell the food. We talk about he upcoming Haney and Lomachecko fight coming up. Hiram thinks maybe he should have saved his money for this one.

15.00 mins

We set up for fight night with a projector and Mexican street tacos curtesy of my brother the cook. My sister and I try a Corona sunrise which is basically corona and a tequila sunrise. Hiram thinks this whole mixing beer and drink thing is ridiculous. The crazy food combinations happen in the barbecue world as well. I talk about a visit to a local place called Queenie's that is custom sausage dogs topped with all kinds of toppings. Hiram thinks the whole world likes pizza in some form or another. We pay a visit to GW BBQ again and I try a menu item that I hadn't tried yet. Voted one of the top sandwiches in Texas Monthly.

30 minute mark

Influencer that creates a virtual girlfriend experience makes $70,000 in the first week of going live. A team of programmers recreates her virtually from all her you tube videos. Of course some guys got the AI to get a little nasty going rogue from it's programming. We ask Hiram about the current writers strike and how it's affecting television and movies.

Finally, in the last segment of our podcast, we talked about Chat GPT and if we could possiby create am AI Hector to replace him on the podcast. Stay tuned for more exciting discussions in our future episodes! And if you enjoyed this podcast, please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review us on your favorite podcast platform

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