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Ep. 100 Part 2- Q'ing with Emeraude

"Emeraude has a Sunday barbecue and talk with the crew from Ready Set BBQ"

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Part 2 of our season finale and 100th episode. I am joined by Jaime, Eric, Evee, Nick and Hiram. We continue talking about dog food 2.0 where we talked about bodybuilders eating dogfood. We come to discover that our sister is not opposed to trying dog food. The guys have mixed reactions on whether they would try it or not. The conversation turns to eating food off the floor and the 5 second rule. What foods and what floors are acceptable to eat food off of. We talk about how gross beer pong used to be and Hiram shares a story of a drunken beer pong game in Vegas. Evee shares a story about eating bugs during beer pong games.

12:00 min

We go back and talk about the most downloaded episodes that the joe army has listened to over the last 100 episodes. We learned to make some sausage from our friend Jaime at Smokecrafters. Emeraude was previously on the show back on Episode 50 and she tells us not to eat thin crust pizza. We learn how to start a cookoff with Chilin and Gillin from their home base. Evee's bday episode had some many laughs and probably the most repeat listens. The number one episode is with our good buddy Nick who come back on the podcast for 100. Nick gives us the back story of the Mr. 956 nickname. Hiram tells us about his new ride and he asks the question of is having a white car a girls car. Especially when it's an SUV.

30:00 min

Emeraude joins the conversation as she has just finished cooking up a feast of meats on the grill including loaded ribs, bone marrow, steaks and much more. Hiram says they got a small fire but all is well. Jaime wants to talk about her new car collecting hobby. Emeraude is disappointed at our recently poor cookoff results. We may never get her back after this one. Hiram and Emeraude talk health tips and she tells us about her favorite cheat meal and dessert. March was her birthday month so Happy Birthday. They go watch the Lakers in a suite as the bday celebration continues. She gets a new car to start her car collection. Check out Emeraude on Season 2 of With Love on Amazon Prime this Summer and go back and watch some Shadowhunters.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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