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Ep. 100 Part 1- Burger Wars, Brews & Shoes

"100 Episode celebration with plenty of guest talking wrestling, old school food, bbq, Jordan’s and brews "

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We got a full boat on this one on the guest list. Johnny, Eric, Evee, Jaime, Mark, Hiram, and special guest George Watts III from GW BBQ. We start by talking about the Final Four and how no one is really watching. WrestleMania is on while we record as some of us have it on in the background. The crew is more interested in what's going to happen in the women's final four. My brother Mark joins the podcast for the first time as we talk about old school wrestling. He tells us about his new business venture Insurance Made by You. He tells us the process is very easy and some people can even qualify for free health insurance. We talk about a show called Fit to fat to Fit and talk about meal prepping. I tell the guys how I've been incorporating Elda's Kitchen sauces into my meals to step them up. We kick it old school as we talk about the foods we ate growing up from cafeteria pizza and burgers to hot pockets and pot pies. The crew agrees that poor hotdogs are eaten with bread and not tortillas and the guys talk about old school snacks.

20:00 min

BBQ time. George Watts III from GW BBQ joins the conversation to talk about the Burger Wars. He says it's all in good fun and it actually helped the business for all the bbq guys that were offering smash burgers. He tells about his new venture with his bbq food truck that is serving smash burgers on location in the evening and even on the road for caterings and events. He shares some additional menu items they are serving up including a shrimp boudin sausage. He gives us a preview of the life of a BBQ guy as he goes into work from 3am to 9pm. We talk some meal prep tips and how you can keep it from getting boring.

40:00 min

We give Eric the floor as he shares his thoughts on wanting to start a new podcast about Shoes and Brews or Jeans and J's. He would like to have a podcast were we talk about different brews and Jordans and other popular shoes. He gives us a deep dive into the shoe world and how he has began his Jordan collection. I am shocked about some of the prices of these shoes and can't believe what people are willing to pay to keep up with the Joneses.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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